Deli Disciples Game Trailer

Here is a sneak peek at the very rough…very, very rough game coming 20….well, sometime this century. We’ll keep you posted. The game is a quirky little horror game different from many others in that instead of mutants, zombies, or clowns, you will fight demonic deli foods! That right, prepare yourself for the Pesky Pepperoni, Sinister Salami, Bad Bologna (that’s how you spell “baloney”) and many others. Find and loot armor and valuable scrap materials that you can craft into weapons. And yes, all weapons are real authentic Deli weapons. Trust us, there are such things. We’ll keep you posted on developments, but as you know, this isn’t a paying gig so it will take time.

This is a new piece of art work from one of our new artists KK Pendragon

In late 2013, a transmission was intercepted by a U.S. Intelligence satellite…The source of the transmissions originated outside of our galaxy…

Reaper Radio is a sci-fi podcast created by Cal Wiggins, originally hosted on his YouTube channel, but now taking up residence with Rez Rock Games. The podcasts are voiced by the RRG crew. Reaper Radio episodes can be downloaded from the Rez Rock Radio Page. Each episode is only 4-5 minutes long (on average). You can also follow Reaper Radio on YouTube at Cal’s channel, BrumbleC0r3. Check back for the latest episodes or follow on Twitter and Facebook to find out when the next episode of Reaper Radio is published.

RRG will be publishing Rez Rock Radio, the official podcast of RRG. Visit the Rez Rock Radio page for episodes. Rez Rock Radio will be hosted by the crew of RRG and will discuss RPGs, gaming, in-house game testing, and even actual plays of different RPGs. Enjoy the strange humor of recently released asylum inmates and learn a bit more about RRG and its ragtag band of misfits. Episodes are upcoming and RRG will notify you through out News, Twitter, and Facebook when the episodes are available for download. Take them with you and listen on the go.

We are posting some of the artwork of Cal Wiggins that will be included in the game.


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RRG is currently working on our first tabletop fantasy RPG. Game testing has been going well and a lot of the mechanics are being worked out and are coming together nicely. We are working hard to get this game into a playable form and will begin a Kickstarter soon to help independently publish this game under our own name. We’ll be posting more information here and through FB and Twitter as we get closer. We will even show some artwork in the process. Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far.

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