Rez Rock Radio

Rez Rock Radio

Rez Rock Radio is the official podcast of Rez Rock Games. Founders Michael Burgher and Cal Wiggins host the podcast dedicated to RPGs, gaming, actual plays, in-house game testing, comments and reviews of RPGs, and some of our favorite and memorable gaming moments. Rez Rock Radio is a lively and entertaining podcast that borders on the insane.  Give the podcast a listen and enjoy the banter – witty and otherwise – of a couple of guys that love gaming as much as you do. Rez Rock Radio attempts to keep a “family friendly” atmosphere however, we are all human so listener discretion is advised.

Reaper Radio

In late 2013, a transmission was intercepted by a U.S. Intelligence satellite. Over the next 64 days, the satellite intercepted additional transmissions – all from the same source. These transmission are now being leaked to the public. The source of the transmissions originated outside of our galaxy. The U.S. government denies the existence of these transmissions.

Reaper Radio is a sci-fi podcast created by Cal Wiggins. All sound effects used are recorded and created by Cal Wiggins or used royalty free. The crew of Rez Rock Games provides the voices for all the characters and are credited in each episode. Reaper Radio is also available on YouTube on Cal’s channel, BrumbleC0r3.

<<Tx 01>> Voices: Cal Wiggins | Download 4 MB

<<Tx 02>> Voices: Cal Wiggins | Download 3 MB

<<Tx 03>> Voices: Cal Wiggins | Download 5 MB

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